Healing can feel so hard when you don't know the right questions to ask yourself.
 Luckily I've compiled them for you.
This workbook is unlike any other workbook out there.
It all started with my personal journal when I realized the anxious thoughts taking over my life were also seriously impacting others.

If you’re ready to discover more about yourself than you have in the last five years of
weekly therapy, or if you bought that package of twenty yoga classes from Groupon and
you STILL feel like you need a completely guided, soul-overhaul,
then this, right here, is for you.

This book is the result of a crucial, imaginary class I created for myself, which should probably be a high school prerequisite –
when confusion is at an all-time high, self-worth is at an all-time low, and the science behind the way we think is formed around these less than desirable circumstances, leaving a lasting and lingering effect on adulthood.

I wish someone would have handed me this soul-guide years ago, and that’s why I’m over the moon that you’re here.

My goal is to take those of you who feel like you’ve tried everything and give you a new approach at learning the real reasons behind your anxious thoughts. I’m passionate about giving you a day-by-day guide to learning about your mind and how it works...and doesn’t work.

After the completion of this workbook, you will no longer feel like a victim who is asking for someone to ‘fix you.’
You will walk into the life you choose as a co-creator of your own thoughts and realizations.

This is super exciting, brain-rewiring, heart-shaking, mind-blasting stuff, that’s going to change your thinking patterns to get you
off your ass and out of your head!

Remember, the Universe is not out to get you. You are previously wounded, raw for the world to easily irritate.

The world can be messy.
Don’t allow its messiness to get all up in your open wounds.

Heal them.