A deep hypnotic track has the ability to shift a person in endless ways.

Whether you've been feeling unmotivated, want to quit a bad habit, if you're panicking about your future, or anything in between, an eargasm may be just what the Universe ordered.

The trick is to get your conscious and subconscious mind working in tandem, instead of different entities in separate rooms.

These tracks lift the veil between the two, and get them to work seamlessly as one, creating immediate shifts in your internal and external reality.

What you'll get:
-a phone call with me to discuss your hypnosis goals
- a triple+ induction ~40 minute custom track
-your affirmations looped for optimal subconscious reprogramming as you sleep
-a 3 minute meditation to relax you immediately in between client calls or tasks

Once your payment is submimtted, and you drop your phone number in the notes, I will contact you to set up a 20 call to gain clarity on what you're moving through.
You can also e mail me at Diana@returntosaturn.com with any questions.