Feeling sexy? Not feeling so sexy? Feeling more of a connection with your partner than ever? Less? Either way, this is the ultimate partner's journey to get from wherever you are, to the next stage of your intimate relationship(s) with yourself and your partner(s). (couples, thruples, and beyond welcome!)

First of all, what does "tantra" mean? well, literally, it's a Sanskrit word meaning "to weave together."
Tantric intimacy with another person is a way to weave the physical and spritual selves,
in this case, with the aid of breath.

What can you expect?

A 2.5 hour session beginning with a discussion about intentions, and an opening chat to gain clarity on where you're at right now in your intimacy. There's no such thing as too little, or too much experience. Then we'll play with some sensual movement to drop into our bodies.

We'll go over:
-ways to use breath before sex to connect and feel turned on,
-during sex and in different positions,
-how to use breath to stay connected after sex or intimacy is over

Then, experience a 45 minute guided breath session with sensuality being the focus, whether you want to experience this touching your partner or separately is up to you.

Integration chat included after, and a 30 min follow up zoom call 1-2 weeks later.
I come to you, or if a space is needed for privacy, I can arrange that as well.