Out of all the millions of people who dream of a life full of freedom, only a small percentage are willing to go through the uncomfyness to actually get it.

We all have multiple timelines and different versions of our lives happening simultaneously that we can transition into and out of in the quantam field, shifting your physical reality the way you know it.

Picture the version of you where you recognize, tune in, and get back on track quicker and quicker, any time you notice your emotions keeping you constricted.

What does that feel like?

What would it feel like to drop the beliefs that sound like, "If only I could do that..." or "I've always wanted to, but I can't..."

Now what if your manifestations started slowly unfolding as we shifted the energy around these beliefs?

And better yet, what if these beliefs were the only thing blocking your desires from manifesting?

I know you're ready for those monumental shifts. The kind that you can FEEL with your entire being.

I also know you have those moments that quickly turn into spiraling thoughts, and I know it's within these times, or right afterwards you vow to be different, to change your habits, to be happy, to "focus on the good."

"Why does this keep happening to me?"

"Am I going backwards?"


Remember: this ish... not linear.

& this right here breaks the cycle.


The crazy thing is, most people don't realize how close they are to their dreams right before they give up.

Understandable... Everyone gets burnt out at some point in one way or another.

What if you didn’t need to spend 10 years burning out in therapy to undo all the fuckery that’s been accumulating your whole life.

You don't have to spend the same amount of time it took for you to become this constricted, to be free.

That’s what keeps most people stuck - the fear of it 'taking too long'!

What if you could see proof of your own inner work just by spending the day with me, moving you towards the ultimate feeling of freedom?

Dedicate ONE day to yourself.

Just one session.

6-9 hours, for a major energy shift in your internal and external world.
(or 3 - 3.5 hours for a mini session!)

Note* I also have in person breakthrough sessions available for a very select few people here in Austin. Experience the healing power of plants as we navigate the twists and turns of your subconscious.

First, Let me tell you about a small portion of my personal breakthrough session before you realize just how potent this is.

I had just finished working through 9 years of guilt, anger and sadness I didn't even realize was left there from a former lover. (this was just a small part of my experience, but trust me, something REALLY cool happened around this specific event.)

What happened the exact time I shifted my energy around that person and released these emotions…?

I looked at my phone at 1:30 pm.

At 1:22, probably the same minute the last tear drop I’d ever let fall around those events fell, the necklace this person got me, (which I had forgotten had been on sale for about 2 years now online,) SOLD.

My inner work changed the energy around me, and created a external, tangible shift.

That’s right.

Side note: As it turns out, the release I needed wasn’t about him at all. It was about the charges that were sparked by that situation at that time, creating a ripple effect of perceived negative emotions labeled as anxiety, and I had applied that feeling to all other similar situations thereafter.


I continued to release negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and conflicting parts in me I didn’t even know existed, keeping me stuck, and lifting every charge attached to those events, collapsing the foundation, and only keeping the lessons.

“I am 100 pounds lighter.”

I felt like I had just been hypnotized and experienced 10 years of therapy in a matter of 8 hours… Wait a second, I had!

Now that’s what I call a quantum leap!

And this was only ONE crazy synchronized story out of many that my classmates and I experienced during and after our breakthrough sessions!

One got an apology call from a girl she had an incident with years earlier, during lunch!

Imagine feeling the weight lift off your chest, just like that.
Imagine having the balls to go after exactly what you want with such motivation, not even a two ton bulldozer could wreck your dreams.
Imagine releasing all of your anger, all of your sadness, all of your fear, hurt, and guilt, and any other emotions and thoughts that are keeping you from experiencing what you truly want.

Maybe you’ve noticed these emotions are even creating physical pain in your body!

What will you see, what will you hear, what will you feel when you reach your ultimate goal of freedom?
Imagine seeing, hearing and feeling it in a whole new way.
Without the head nose.
Without the anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt!

I know that speaking to the subconscious mind is the fastest way to change, which is why traditional talk therapy can sometimes only get you so far. The mind craves more than talk. It wants play. It wants to feel.

There is one fool proof way that this will work for you, and all you have to do is play full out with me for one day.

Just drink the potion.

Here’s the breakdown:

Depending on our distance, this can be done either in person or online. If it’s done in person with me, I’ll provide fruit, sparkling mineral water, a lunch of your choice, and some surprise goodies! If we’re working together online, don’t worry, I’ll make up for what’s not able to be provided with a gift that will be useful in your journey ;)

6-9 hours of incredible deep dive change work, in a sacred space that scientifically permeates the subconscious barrier using different forms of hypnotherapy, meditations, and fun games for your unconscious mind.

BUT this is not for everybody!
This is an investment for your future.

This isn’t for those who are comfortable in their own shitty habits, and it is not for those who believe that ‘nothing will ever work for them.’

This is for my soul-searchers who are ready.

Ready to step up to the parts of themselves that are acting as a soul anchor. Ready to give their dreams WINGS. And ready to utilize their tools to change their reality now.
Change can feel scary, but that’s what I’m here for! You don’t have to do this alone with the same tools you’ve been working with since birth!

Time for re-birth, for re-minding, and for re-claiming.

Let’s rewire your brain with subconscious mind games you're not getting on the weekly couch, or in a fancy meditation studio.
When you click below, you’ll be directed to a form to fill out so we can jump on a call.

"Diana facilitated such a powerful breakthrough session for me, and I am blown away by how transformative it was!  I worked through so many things that needed to be processed, which allowed me to connect more than ever to my truth, and heal so much past relationship trauma.  After our session, I feel SO much lighter, more confident and grounded in who I am, and have gained a massive sense of peace from within.  THAT to me is priceless, because I know how much of an impact this is going to (actually already) have in all areas of my life- business, income, impact, relationships, self worth, you name it.  I'm so grateful and highly
recommend going through this
transformative experience!!"

Stephanie Bellinger
Founder, CEO, The Spiritual Boss Babe

 "The breakthrough session with Diana meant so much to me, it's hard to put it into worlds. I was dealing with nightmares every single night since I was a child, and that night of our session, I had a dream of my boat for the first time, and my dreams, months later, continue to be pleasant! My relationship with my wife has honestly never been better. I learned to let go. I'm not angry at my father anymore which is something I never thought I'd have relief from. I tried the "best psychiatrist around" every week for a year. I had 0 results. I felt results halfway through that breakthrough day. I'm also down 18 pounds. When you're paying for therapy, especially when it's not working, it's a no brainer that this session is the way to go. It is lifechanging. Truly."

Erik Jay

 "I came to Diana wanting to improve my relationships, and what I left with was that and so much more. Before our session I was feeling resistance to trust, I had a pain in my chest that wouldn't go away, and I was struggling to get tasks done. After the breakthrough experience, I improved my realtionship with my husband, my son, myslefm and people around me! I have consistant momentum, (for months now) I gained the ability to relinquish control, and realize that everything is unfolding for me. The pain in my chest is gone, and love forgiveness, and compassion have replaced anger, fear, and resentment. I loved the whole day!! We were at the beach, on the water, and my breakthroughs and changes have been gradual over time since then. I feel like I can see my life thorugh a different lens. My husband and I now do laundry together (which used to be a sore subject!) and I'm down 7 pounds! EVERYBODY needs a breakthrough session. I feel it was a great start to my continued journey. Clean slate!"

Carol Hasenstab