Heart Body and Spirit Eargasms Vol 1

When we are put into a trance, the mind is in a state where it easier accepts suggestions. We do this by slowing down the brain waves, and using hypnotic language. However, the language of the subconscious mind isn't only spoken words. It includes all 5 senses, which means it flourishes when we involve the body, as well as the mind, and will easier be programmed for change when we awaken both. These 'eargasmic' tracks won't only bring your whole being from tense and anxious, back into a calm, flow state, but they are charged to offer your manifestations on a silver platter.

This bundle includes tracks for:
-forming lasting female friendships
-releasing ancestral trauma
-love and heartbreak
-giving yourself space
-cord cutting (releasing attachments)

      Usually, the first thing I hear when I talk to someone new about “going inward” is, “oh, I can’t meditate, I’m thinking the whole time!”
The funny thing is, when we TRY to quiet our thoughts, it can push successful subconscious reprogramming even further away.
The trick is to surrender to the relaxation as naturally as possible, and allow any intrusive thoughts to come and go,
as easily and effortlessly as possible.

I like speaking to the subconscious mind in a way it likes to be spoken to… naturally.
When we use our 5 senses, and incorporate brainwaves, heartbeat, and breathing into our mind work, our desires are brought to life quickly.

Course Flow

"I listened to my favorte audio again last night, and it makes me feel so much. Diana's words are so powerful and I normally don't like guided meditations, but I love these. I'm actually able to feel it and relate. I feel more connected in every possible way after listening to any one of these."

Cynthia Kondapaneni
M.D. and Yoga master & teacher

"The moment I heard this track, I was in awe. The power that comes from Diana's voice, the shift I felt, and the clairty in my heart after was unlike any other meditaion I've done before! Get ready to feel your life shift after this."

Erin Porter
CEO of Erin Nicole Coaching & Creator of Quantam Ripple Effect Institute

"As soon as the Love & Hertbreak audio started, I instantly felt at ease. I'm usually on edge and I recently suffered a broken heart from a relationshio I thought was headed for marriage. Between Diana's soothing tone and her understanding of how to move through these hard times herself, something finally clicked. I feel comfort and empowered!"

John Saric

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