Shake Your Ass... To Heal Your Past
A massterclass

Learn the art of twerking to release stuck energy ...
No matter your size or shape

Why you should twerk with me:

• Scientifically proven: Shaking releases trauma.
Relieve anxiety and depression by having fun. That always works.
• An epic addition to your morning routine.
Look great on the dance floor and teach your friends.
• Deeper, more fun connection with your partner - or attract a new one!
Feel free in your body as you move through life.
Don't get FOMO at the next party! Hit the dance floor with confidence.

• Are you really still deliberating? It's $27. You spend more than that at the bar. 😏 This will level up your life... without the hangover. You deserve it!

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What's included?

• Community support
• Upload your videos and get feedback
• Lifetime access
• No subscription, no upsells
• Course material pops up as soon as you purchase - Simple

You'll learn these fantASStic moves:

I've taught hundreds of women (and men!) at my retreats and dance floors around the world, to learn that mind muscle connection that creates the bounce you're looking for.

Does your body freeze on the dance floor because you don't know how to move?

• The size of your booty doesn’t matter… your big ass mindset does. All you need are a pair of legs and the desire to bounce that booty higher.

People will go from “What is she doing?” to How does she do that?”

• Incorporate modalities that improve your mind muscle connection so the bounce becomes second nature.

Ever try to throw it back in the mirror without success? Now you can learn for less than the price of lunch.

• Start your day with movement that will help your confidence go through the roof.

This will be the easiest money you ever spend. What's holding you back? Doubt? Self-consciousness? Identify it, and release it now. You'll be so glad you did.

- Diana ❤️